Who is Mattias, that Swedish copywriter at Please copy me?

Hi! I’m Mattias Akerberg. I’m a copywriter and UX writer from Sweden. I’ve been writing advertising for 15 years now. This my story — and my future plan.

So tired of school

The Swedish copywriting blog Please copy me back in 2011.

Gathered stuff instead

Let’s burn the maps for Mini Coop. Copywriter: Ari Merkin.

Studied the copywriting masters

Wrote off every word

Mattias Akerberg meets Filip Nilsson, creative director and copywriter at Forsman & Bodenfors for 25 years. Photo: Christer Hedberg.

Learned from the best

Mattias Akerberg interviews Jesper Kouthoofd, founder of ACNE and Teenage Enginering.

Landed my first (and last) ad agency job

Of a rare breed

The Copy Book by Mattias Akerberg is scheduled to be released in English in 2022.

Wrote a book for writers

No better job in life

The office of Please copy me (and Rulla vagn) in Lidkoping, Sweden. In the picture: Mattias’ wife Evelina. ❤️

Always massive action

Mattias Akerberg gives a talk on UX writing in November 2019.

I help clients sell more

Mattias Akerberg teaches UX writing to an exclusive (and super-happy!) class for 10 weeks in Spring 2020.

Selling changed my life (and will forever)

I call the shots

Dan Lok.

At a cross-road right now

Be better, learn new, and build a team

I’ll challenge myself

Elis and Ilse are playing horses in the woods behind their school at the Island of Kalland.

Wanna know more about me?

Copywriter. UX Writer. Educator. Curator of UX Writing Summarized. https://www.getrevue.co/profile/pleasecopyme